Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A for Apple...I for Ipod

I always believed (though i believed in a lot of craps, i believed this one too) watching English movies & hearing Tamil songs would do a complete justice to a teenage entertainment thirst. Importantly that also means not watching Tamil movies and not hearing English songs. Heavy metal, death metal, rock , jazz etc never failed to rumble my diaphragm be it inside a car, cafe or where ever. Tamil-melodies. Wow :) The consummate mix of Tamil lyrics and the unadulterated music could right away titillate each and every music-sensitive emotional receptors of your body. I used to say!!! Hmmm though not am completely contradicting the above notion of watching this and hearing that now YES am more likely inclined towards hearing english songs, inspite am not understanding not more than two to three sentences of those lyrics :) That also includes hindi songs and lyrics:)

Thanks to all the above musical creations for zipping up my weekly-weekly 4 and half hour Coimbatore travel to around 1 to 1 and half hours :)

Yes Steve jobs is now in my persons-influenced-me list :)

Me and my ipod :) Believe me we are making a very good pair :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No looking back.....

Very far I ve come. So far. This seems to be a myriad miles away from a place where I must have spend to stay happy, taken into consideration if my happiness consists primarily of dozing away all the time.
"hi Anbu" , 'you  are been recognized and you come in the frame at so and so millisecond ‘for whatever god damn reasons that you may think' says the "testpro.cpp" output screen…
Yeah this is new to me. My present it means.This feels like am very independent and a stranger friendly guy at least for the sake of a bloody survival. Wry smile I show to those of them who I think must not be in my to success or some damn reason for it may be…
All I need at this time @ 7:04PM my Pc shows. I need to go back.
Go to the first day of my school...or Go to my first day of school...watever...
 The second standard class room. I remember. Of course I forgot the previous classes…
Slide unknowingly into the first day of my boarding school. And to cry again seeing my mom disappearing, behind the iron bars. Yeah so hard I cried.
At least go to the first day of my college. Beautiful. yeah so beautiful. And to sit in the last bench thinking that must be the happiest place to be in.
Need to sleep all the day particularly in class rooms and to stay owl till 2 in the night. Dire craziness. But there were a lot of reasons then which I had to fell my presence in the world. Oh yeah I ve lost all of them. Every dime of it.
Hmmm does every paragraph need a completion? If then am sorry myself that my hands are stroding through the keyboard at some odd speed which I don’t mind noting down. Yes the past is always and yeah for most of my past is beautiful. Some body make that ‘beautiful’thing in caps…
Yes I cud type even something so so fast just  after the next second of my closing my vc++ screen...
And I need to finish this up somehow. So I bravely jump into the present which now I feel privileged to get in :) Yeah I do vacillate a bit but give my heart a good chance to say aloud what it has to say……

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My experiments with Madurai :p

“Eye care hospital” translated as “சிற‌ப்பு க‌ண் சிகிச்சை மைய‌ம்”.

Only ப‌ழங்கான‌த்த‌ம், கிழக்கு வெளி வீதி, சிம்ம‌க்க‌ல், மாடுத்தாவ‌னி, ப‌சு ம‌லை
No RS puram, Hope College, Laxmi mills….

I was happy to see the Tamil all around and that too in its Alma mater. But people should bother to translate City express as “ந‌க‌ர‌ விரைவு பேருந்து” and not as “சிட்டி எக்ஸ்பிரஸ்”, written in every single bus in here :)

Tamil @ : Coimbatore -4/10 Madurai -7/10

Ladies and gents of Madurai:

Carry a huge sign board which says
“We are in complete lack of exposure. And we don’t seem to be any bothered about that”

Even that is not true if in case severe solar exposure is taken into account and some of them show slight signs of nuclear exposures as well :p Yeah this is Madurai and not Nagasaki :D The rest of them at large are pretty with the slightest proportion of people being beautiful :p. Ppl @ Honeywell show complete contrast to the Madurai mass and the former being software professionals are Too GOOD in technical stuff.

Coimbatore –7/10 Madurai -3/10

Being here:

“You said u don’t know anything in OS, Networks or DBMS. Is there anything you want me to ask questions from“, said the voice from the panel2 honey well interviewer 20 days back.

“Ask me from the area interest, Data structures or give me some puzzles”, I said .

“Oh. OK . Fine. Ummm. Write a code to insert a node into a doubly circular linked list”, this time he was cool and looked at me with a vicious smile.

I couldn’t control my laughter but kept my face very serious ‘I decided to say I donno‘, but my sensible me did something, thought something and answered the question really well which I came to know from the interviewer only when he told “you should put programming as your area of interest”. I laughed really louder in the inside and gave him a small nod with an even more serious face.

My sensible me went out of sight after the interview. And I seriously regretted for answering the above question and cursed myself for the past two days, because the apartment to stay was not confirmed.

Mom called yesterday
“Thangam (gold:D) we are done. Savitha Aunty told your apartment is confirmed and you can move there tomorrow”
And now am in search of my sensible me to congratulate for answering that question. Moods change :)

to be @: Coimbatore – 8/10 Madurai - 4/10

Work @ honeywell:

As of now am trying to get the best out of myself if at all something exists. And even managed to get an “super da. Good work junior”, from my mentor yesterday :)
Facebook and Orkut are blocked .I must tell them that ppl will spend hours in blogs as well :)
Snitchers and stealers could create billion dollar market. Yeah the entire floor is working on security systems with me anbu working for “!@#$%”. Nothing more. Everything is confidential here :)

Saturday, December 5, 2009


College is not for study
Anbu @ MNC
Dashed an ambassador with my zen
Anbu !@library
Kruzade '08
I hate placements.
Kruzade '09
Change is good
Anbarasu - " "

The above has been my status messages in orkut n face book in chronological order. It was fun with all these and I always meant what i put in as my status. But i never even dreamt at least once that i wud end being very happy about getting into an IT Company.

today my status says
" leaving Coimbatore today to Honey well, Madurai. Bye all :( just for a while :) "

something that the status message bar length doesn't allow
- leaving family & friends just for a while
- F5erz are too costly to miss
- Perks is all that it groomed me and I am going to miss the "ASSOCIATION"
- I am really excited and grateful about this opportunity and the challenges that awaits :)
- lotta routines to be changed
- change is what i believe in :)

If this is it. So be it . And am very happy about it :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

THE new house

this is where am

-> living for the past 4 days :)
-> planning to live for 5 more days :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The dream....

I still don't know the exact time "THE DREAM" happened. I was in my sleep obviously. And still remember it to the brightest of the details. The reason for writing this down is I don't want to forget this interesting and equally weird dream. Heres how it started...

scene 1:
A dull green cloud of grass spread all around. It got sharpened. Only then i realized that it was my apartment lawn.It was as usual, that i was chatting with my friends there. None of the friends were visible or hardly heard any of them .
Near my house window which is clearly visible from the lawn I saw the thing i have seen very often. It was a girl :( But this one was something special, totally strange and totally unfamiliar. She was leaning her back over the window with one leg bent onto the wall and was standing there for no reason at all.

scene 2:
There were a couple of men working with mud , near that girl, some serious problem it seemed. We all gathered around those men. The girl was already looking at them. Suddenly she jumped into the scene, stopped those men working, and gave a speech about some concept in physics which i don't remember at all. I suddenly felt a jive in me, thinking about how beautiful her mind works or how beautiful she thinks.

scene 3:
Heavy rain outside. I was sitting in the front seats of the bus. There were heavy dancings on the back seats. It was an iv actually. The same girl was sitting at some five rows from the back. This scene was ecstatic. I didn't know how many times I turned around to have a glimpse of her. hundred times. may be thousand. But all that i could remember was those droplets of rain from her ear rings. The most beautiful things are those which are not seen yet.

total black out for some time...

scene 4:
in the room : the girl , me and my friend.

me: lemme make this clear. what dou think about me ?
girl : The thing is. In this whole world.....
(i couldn't hear any more of her speaking but she was talking for a long time)

I was very eager for the next scene to come. Coz i didn't know what she told.

scene 5:

In a distance i saw two of them walking hand in hand. One was that girl. The other one was clearly unclear. I thought it was me who was walking with her. If then what am i doing here seeing them walk. I never wanted this to end this way. All i could see was the other one wore a yellow PUMA sandals, which i see every day in my shoe stand :)

"yippee" i was about to say. But there came some green gases whirling around. Both of them faded away into those fluids. The gases become more pungent. Ultimately ending it as my apartment lawn. "Happies endings" :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Change is good....

things change rite. They change so fast. I luv this change for all that it teaches me. Actually i have thought about how change works when i studied "who moved my cheese?" in my in 9th std. The way change works is so awesome. really awesome.


Everything changes. And am really excited by the fact that I keep in pace with these changes in some way or the other: sometimes stupid, lucky, unlucky, wise, in some way . Apart from all those materialistic issues the change which happens within you is real awesome.
In school i was real dumb. But coll was different. in fact i made it different myself.Thanks for all those people & things which changed me and are changing me. Especially my friends and parents who always come up with pat or a slash on my back when ever they think i go absurd. Feel proud to be in this ever changing community, bearing all the abilities to keep myself updated and run in pace with my counterparts , racing and loosing to others. All that is to be done is to change with the world , failing which would lead to complete disappearance and considerable loss of significance.