Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A for Apple...I for Ipod

I always believed (though i believed in a lot of craps, i believed this one too) watching English movies & hearing Tamil songs would do a complete justice to a teenage entertainment thirst. Importantly that also means not watching Tamil movies and not hearing English songs. Heavy metal, death metal, rock , jazz etc never failed to rumble my diaphragm be it inside a car, cafe or where ever. Tamil-melodies. Wow :) The consummate mix of Tamil lyrics and the unadulterated music could right away titillate each and every music-sensitive emotional receptors of your body. I used to say!!! Hmmm though not am completely contradicting the above notion of watching this and hearing that now YES am more likely inclined towards hearing english songs, inspite am not understanding not more than two to three sentences of those lyrics :) That also includes hindi songs and lyrics:)

Thanks to all the above musical creations for zipping up my weekly-weekly 4 and half hour Coimbatore travel to around 1 to 1 and half hours :)

Yes Steve jobs is now in my persons-influenced-me list :)

Me and my ipod :) Believe me we are making a very good pair :)


  1. I felt as if i'm in ur place nd started thinking how nice it would...
    ur posts r really nice with lot of deep fellings inside!!

  2. Love the first line .... Realism ..... Eng movies and Tamil songs .... Waaaaa...! seems even i need 2 get an Ipod ... Nice post, Anbu :) :)